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If you go to McDonalds, and look at the menu, and see the new McChicken sandwich, and think to yourself, I do love the Crispy Chicken Delux, but I don't know if i'm hungry enough to commit to the full CCD experience, maybe i'll try this scaled down version. DON'T!!! It's fucking nasty. If the CCD is the all white meat McNuggets you get a few of in each 6 peice, then the McChicken is the shitty, gross, gristle nugets that make up the rest of said 6 peice. Man, I couldn't get through the whole thing.


Before I start bitching, i'd like to make it known that the new Ben Folds cd does indeed rock the suburbs, as well as the hizouse. However I will make no comment as to weather it is, or is not the bizomb. If you like the title track, don't just run out and buy the CD though. The rest of it is very different. More like the Messner CD. I think thats great, because that is my favorite. I think my favorite track is 'Gone'. Mostly because I relate to it sooo much, that I wish I had written it.

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Anyway, on to the bitching. Left work at 2 yesterday to drive down to Boston with Muffy and her roommate Ruthie, to see Weezer. Anyway, to make a long story short, there was an accident ivolving a tanker truck, and a shitload of spilled gas on 95, that made us, and many many many many other Weezer fans late. So late that we only caught the last song, plus the encore. And there were still people coming in after we got there, that most likley didn't get to see any of it. Let me tell you what. There were a lot of pissed off people there last night. The accident happened before they started playing, and there werent nearly as many people there as there should have been, seeing as the show was sold out. I think the general consensus was that they should have held off an hour or so, so that more people could show up. So that sucked. The songs I got to hear were: Hash Pipe, and then Buddy Holly (that made the whole thing worthwhile), and Surf Wax America for their encore. We got back to Portland at about 1:30 and Muffy was good enough to let me crash at her place.

Nothing happened!

To Billy Rythym: I like it better in white too. The black was to recognize the tradgedy.

"i know that you went straight to someone else, while i worked through all this shit here by myself. and i think that you should spend some time alone. but if you wont, then you wont -GW